[sword-devel] keyboard shortcuts

sworddev at chrisbaker.com sworddev at chrisbaker.com
Wed Jan 24 20:11:39 MST 2007

I'm not sure if suggesting a (much needed) feature is a faux pas on this
list (in case it is, I'll offer a solution to another problem, too), but I
think one area Sword/Win is deficient (maybe other projects too? haven't
looked) is in keyboard shortcuts.  I'm not a big fan of the mouse -- it's
just slow if a keyboard shortcut is available.  I'd like to suggest
something like this:
ctrl-g activates verse reference drop-down (contents highlighted)
ctrl-up activates previous verse arrow button
ctrl-down activates next verse arrow button
ctrl-right activates next chapter arrow button
ctrl-left activates previous chapter arrow button
alt-left arrow activates "back" button
I've done some development in Delphi, so if C++ Builder is similar at all,
I wouldn't think this would be a difficult addition.
What do you think?
Now for the solution I found:
Here's a problem I posted on the forum:
Using the 10/4/2006 version of Sword/Win, I get the following gibberish
whenever I try to view my own personal commentary notes or add new ones:
{ \viewkind4\uc1\pard\cf7\lang1033\f1\fs24 Times New Roman;\fs20
(at beginning of note)
\nowidctlpar\fs24\par \par \f1 \cf7\par } (at end of note)

I tried switching back to the 9/7/2002 version and the text was displayed
fine. Also, it looked fine in the version before the current one.
and here's the solution I found (and posted as well):
I edited out the line in personal.conf which read "SourceType=ThML"
Judging from the help file, this could have implications if I wanted to
add verse references to context (right-click) menus in the personal
commentary. I'll just avoid that.

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