[sword-devel] Verses in GBF file don't appear for a new module

Terry Edmunds terry at edmunds-enterprises.com
Sun Jan 14 13:36:16 MST 2007

Sorry if this info is posted elsewhere but I've all but given up on 
searching for the answer.

My environment is Linux and I'm using the bibletime UI. I have created a 
bible using the GBF file format spec found here:


I think my main problem may be that the instructions don't specify the 
file name I need to use for my newly created GBF file and the conf file 
just has a path for DataPath, no filename.

The instructions I am referring to are here:

My conf file looks like this:

Description=ABCD Bible
About=Created using jBibleTool
DistributionLicense=Public Domain

I tried naming the file everything under the sun but abcd.gbf seemed to 
be the logical choice. I placed it under ./modules/texts/rawtext/abcd/ 
and the conf file is located in mods.d/abcd.conf

The new bible shows up in BibleTime in the tree view but all verses are 

Eventually, I'd like to use md2zmod and create a compressed version but 
it also says all the verses are "Skipping [verse reference] no entry in 
in Module."

What am I missing? Why wont sword see my plain text GBF file. Is it the 
mysterious filename as I suspect? Did I botch the GBF file format and 
not seeing an error message somewhere?

Thanks for any assistance anyone may be able to provide. Take care!

terry at edmunds-enterprises.com
Edmunds Enterprises of America, Inc.

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