[sword-devel] Verses in GBF file don't appear for a new module

Karl Kleinpaste karl at charcoal.com
Mon Jan 15 08:19:40 MST 2007

Terry Edmunds <terry at edmunds-enterprises.com> writes:
> BlockType=Book

BlockType is useful only for compressed modules, i.e. ModDrv=zText.
You can remove this for now.

> I tried naming the file everything under the sun but abcd.gbf seemed to 
> be the logical choice. I placed it under ./modules/texts/rawtext/abcd/ 
> and the conf file is located in mods.d/abcd.conf

(Caveat: I haven't surfed up the instructions you mention.  But I've
been building a bunch of Bible modules myself for some time now.)

Ultimately, a rawtext module has to come down to 4 files: ot, ot.vss,
nt, nt.vss.  ot and nt are the textual content, and *.vss are indices
into them.

GBF is a reflection of the type of markup in the file, but that
doesn't help Sword find it in the first place.  You need to create
something in e.g. "import" format, which looks like

$$$Genesis 1:1
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
$$$Genesis 1:2

Then the individual verses get GBF markup.  When you have it in that
format, then "imp2vs ThatFileName ~/.sword/modules/text/rawtext/abcd".

For comparison, "mod2imp RWebster > /tmp/rweb.imp" and look over the
result.  (RWebster is also a GBF-formatted Bible.)

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