[sword-devel] SwordReader module installer

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Sat Dec 29 06:39:58 MST 2007

Hi there .........

I want to put a test in the module installer in case anyone doesn't read 
the instructions and puts the binary in their PC Sword directory.  If 
they run it in there, they are going to delete all their installed 
modules on exit!

I'd normally look for mods.d, but if the installer was interrupted 
before completing, there could be a mods.d in a normal SRInstMGR 
directory.  I'm going to look for Sword.exe instead.  Does this make 
sense for all normal Windows installations would you think?  I know it's 
possible to have the modules separate from the Sword binary, but I guess 
anybody who did this would know enough not to do what I'm protecting 

Any thoughts on this?

God bless,

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