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Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Mon Dec 31 02:48:09 MST 2007

Hi Troy ...........

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> Commentary drivers are smart to skip contiguously linked verses. Instead of key++, use module++ 

Thanks for that.  At the moment, it won't help a lot because SwordReader 
handles bibles and commentaries in exactly the same way.  Soon, we plan 
to implement two text windows, but the thinking is that either of these 
can be used for a bible or a commentary as is the case with the single 
window we currently implement.  This way, we can show bible+commentary, 
or two different versions (something I often need).

I make use of the JB Phillips NT module (not publicly available although 
I've been trying for a long while to get a helpful response from the 
publisher!)  The proper version of this relies heavily on linking.  I've 
built an unlinked version of JBP that I am using on my Ppc.  If there 
currently are no available bible modules with linked verses, then I 
suppose we could check whether we are looking at a commentary and use 
module++ ....  This would entail quite a bit of work as we would have to 
get behind our SwordIndex class

Thanks again anyhow.

God bless,

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