[sword-devel] *.conf qualifier, InstallSize

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sat Dec 29 11:38:11 MST 2007

I was looking through
and happened to notice for the first time the InstallSize qualifier:

"InstallSize - <integer (indicating bytes)>"

Because some of the modules I've got in my repo are so large (most
obviously, DoreWoodcuts, 71M; some others with limited distribution in
the 10-50M range), now and again I have wanted to be able to make it
obvious via the module manager just how big the available modules are.

However, looking through mods.d/*, I find not a single instance of this
qualifier being used.

Would it be worth the imposition to get this qualifier into all the
currently existing mods.d/* at Crosswire?  If I could count (generally,
even if unreliably) on such a thing, I would be happy to update the GS
module manager to display it, in the hopes that other folks implementing
UIs would do the same.  Then users could make an educated decision as to
whether they want to spend either link time or disc space to get really
big modules.

OTOH, if it's considered insufficiently helpful, then I won't bother.

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