[sword-devel] SwordReader - text handling - was 'Options support added'

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Tue Dec 25 15:41:32 MST 2007

Hi David ..........

David Trotz wrote:
> The more I use SwordReader, and the more I learn about the poor HTML 
> support in WindowsCE the more I want to write my own text viewer widget.
I used PalmBible+ a lot.  I was always impressed with the way it handled 
the text.  But at the moment, I'm not unimpressed by what we have.  The 
biggest problem presently seems to be directly connected with heavily 
tagged Sword modules.  I have not yet repeated the 'out of memory' 
problem exactly as I saw it before.  It may have been that I did a 
particular sequence of operations that had memory leaks before trying to 
re-start SwordReader.  However, this one IS repeatable.  Use NET bible 
at Rev 22:1, and do shutdown.  On attempting to re-start, it fails 
.....  every time.  This chapter has at least one especially long 
footnote embedded.  I haven't looked at the mechanics of this, but I 
don't think that we can ever make SwordReader work really nicely with 
the most heavily tagged Sword modules.

For this reason, I'm really hoping we can move at a radical level 
alongside Lynn Allan to offer modules in a format that we can handle 

On another front, if or when you look at the module installer I've made, 
I'm sure you will be most underwhelmed byt the opening gui screen.  I 
don't do 'pretty', and I notice that all of your stuff is build with an 
eye for appearance.  Just to say, if you want to change it completely, I 
won't in the least be offended.  My work has all the aesthetic appeal of 
a below average 1960's architect!  His motto was something like 
'Functionality is everything.  Appearance needs to reflect 
functionality, and beauty is an unnecessary overhead!'.  As I'm glad 
that we are now in the process of demolishing all those obscene 1960's 
buildings, I'll be equally happy for you to 'demolish' my *very 
practical* opening form!

God bless,


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