[sword-devel] SwordReader - text handling - was 'Options support added'

David Trotz dtrotzjr at crosswire.org
Tue Dec 25 15:56:39 MST 2007


>> The more I use SwordReader, and the more I learn about the poor HTML 
>> support in WindowsCE the more I want to write my own text viewer widget.
> I used PalmBible+ a lot.  I was always impressed with the way it handled 
> the text.  But at the moment, I'm not unimpressed by what we have.  The 
> biggest problem presently seems to be directly connected with heavily 
> tagged Sword modules.  I have not yet repeated the 'out of memory' 
> problem exactly as I saw it before.  It may have been that I did a 
> particular sequence of operations that had memory leaks before trying to 
> re-start SwordReader.  However, this one IS repeatable.  Use NET bible 
> at Rev 22:1, and do shutdown.  On attempting to re-start, it fails 
> .....  every time.  This chapter has at least one especially long 
> footnote embedded.  I haven't looked at the mechanics of this, but I 
> don't think that we can ever make SwordReader work really nicely with 
> the most heavily tagged Sword modules.
I think once *we* have control of the viewer (as opposed to window's 
html viewer) deailing with these heavily tagged texts can be handled 
much more elegantly, and we can do on demand parsing/loading as opposed 
to an entire chapter at once. We can also ignore the hyperlink tags 
until a link is clicked, then fetch the link text, whereas now we 
actually load and store this data in the html page.
> For this reason, I'm really hoping we can move at a radical level 
> alongside Lynn Allan to offer modules in a format that we can handle 
> slickly!
What is this format? I am not sure I am familiar with what you are 
talking about.
> On another front, if or when you look at the module installer I've made, 
> I'm sure you will be most underwhelmed byt the opening gui screen.  I 
> don't do 'pretty', and I notice that all of your stuff is build with an 
> eye for appearance.  Just to say, if you want to change it completely, I 
> won't in the least be offended.  My work has all the aesthetic appeal of 
> a below average 1960's architect!  His motto was something like 
> 'Functionality is everything.  Appearance needs to reflect 
> functionality, and beauty is an unnecessary overhead!'.  As I'm glad 
> that we are now in the process of demolishing all those obscene 1960's 
> buildings, I'll be equally happy for you to 'demolish' my *very 
> practical* opening form!
Yes, I like things to look appealing as well as functional. I have not 
taken the time to look at your installer yet, I have been rather focused 
on the UI. I will try to look at it soon, but probably won't make any 
code contributions until I get the UI where I want it.
In Christ,
David Trotz
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