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David Trotz dtrotzjr at crosswire.org
Tue Dec 25 10:31:35 MST 2007

The more I use SwordReader, and the more I learn about the poor HTML 
support in WindowsCE the more I want to write my own text viewer widget. 
Notice I specified text viewer and not HTML viewer, we don't necessarily 
need HTML support except for a few embedded tags in the text (which 
might be tricky to deal with), we just need something that can
A) Display verses, and verse numbers.
B) Handle color such as red letters
C) Handle hyperlinks such as strongs numbers
D) Scroll fluidly.
I am not sure if you have ever used Bible+ on the Palm but they have a 
nice fluid text display, and the scrolling feature in that reader is 
amazing. I have played with OliveTree's bible and I am convinced they 
wrote their own viewer as well. There is not other way I can think of 
that they get the performance they do and the functionality they have. 
The speed of the display would be nearly instantaneous, no matter what 
the version is being displayed. Some tricky issues would be hyperlinks, 
but I am sure I can handle these as well.
I will play with this some this week and post my initial results. I will 
develop the viewer independently of SwordReader and once it gets to a 
place that it can fully perform everything the current viewer can. We 
can decide if we want to integrate it into SwordReader. By the way, my 
viewer probably won't have scrollbars (like Bible+) This will save 
screen real estate but still provide the same functionality just in a 
different way.
What do you think?
In Christ,
David Trotz

Barry Drake wrote:
> Hi David .........
> David Trotz wrote:
>> it appears they cache the icons as you have noticed. So far the only way I have found to reset the icon cache is to reset the device. 
> I did that - and now I have the new icon on the mobile ...  but it's not 
> quite so impressive when it's 'pocket sized' .....  ah well .......
>> Thanks for the feedback, BTW how is the double buffering looking? 
> It's very workable now.  The remaining problems are all down to the slow 
> speed of the device with heavily tagged stuff.  NET takes forever to 
> show the footnotes; the workaround is to use NETnotes .....  If Lynn 
> does come on board, we could negotiate with bible.org for a soText 
> version.  I got on quite well with them when we were building the NET 
> and NETnotes modules, so they might go for it when we tell them why. 
> BTW - I've put the latest code for the installer in svn if you want to 
> look.  I've now got all the way except for the actual copying of the new 
> files over to the mobile device, so a few more hours work should see it 
> complete.  It uses one of the ms .dll's for the  System:: calls I've 
> included.  I take it this won't cause a problem on any normal breed of 
> Windows? (I think it calls up MSCore.dll or something with a similar 
> name).  I'm a bit naive about high level calls in Windows, so if I've 
> put anything in that will break on anything that isn't Windows XP, 
> someone ought to tell me please!
> God bless,
> Barry
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