[sword-devel] Morph tags in NT [Was SwordReader]

Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Wed Dec 12 13:03:15 MST 2007

Hi Karl ..............

Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> Robinson + Packard lexdicts, perhaps.
Yes, that's what I expected - but BibleCS recognises both of these as 
Greek Morphs and doesn't offer me a Hebrew lexdict even though I have 
both the above.  I've just done a fresh download of packard, just in 
case, but it makes no difference.  I don't think the problem is with my 
code in SwordReader, I just think that currently nothing is being 
recognised as a Hebrew Morph dictionary.  Both Robinson and Packard have 
the line in the .conf file that says Feature=GreekParse, and I haven't 
found a module yet that has 'Feature=HebrewParse' which is what is 
looked at by the front ends.  Maybe there isn't one just yet?
> (A little more descriptive Subject: would be appreciated.  Two dozen
> messages with the same subject don't help us to track what's being
> discussed.)
Sorry about that.  I see what you mean.  I'll keep it in mind.  Those 
who are following SwordReader threads (there are oly about four of us) 
know what we are tackling at any one time, but I forgot that this is a 
rather wider list.  My apologies.

God bless,

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