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David Trotz dtrotzjr at crosswire.org
Tue Dec 11 09:21:30 MST 2007

> You've done some brilliant work.  Thanks David.  It really is looking 
> good now.  I'm amazed at how much you've put into this project in so 
> short a time.
Thanks, I am thankful to get into this project while its still in its
infancy, its much easier to digest than BibleCS was. Of course when I
worked on BibleCS I was a new programmer and every little task seemed
daunting, now I do this stuff for a living.
>> I noticed that I introduced a bug in the book chooser when in portrait mode. I will look into fixing that later this week. In the meantime just know that the NT books are off by one column.
> Quite an amusing one is that. The original (Johan's) version, which was 
> portrait only, had a one col. space between OT and NT.  I took that 
> space out to make the book chooser viewable in both modes.  Is that what 
> caused your calculation problem?  You had Johan's original code in the 
> .zip that I sent if you still have that.  If not, I can send you the 
> .cpp file if you need it.
The problem is that I now allow as many rows as can fit on the screen,
which reduces the number of columns. There are some constants hard coded
into the software that expect exactly 5 columns. I need to get rid of
this constant and like I have done in many other areas calculate this
value, then the correct button will be detected as being pressed.
> I've already put the version that did 'nearly everything' up as version 
> 1.0.0.  It hasn't got your last commits in it, but it is fully 
> functional.  Let's put the next release up as version 1.0.1 as soon as 
> you're satisfied that it is OK.  I'm hoping for a bit of feedback on the 
> installer in case that gives problems; that is the reason I was anxious 
> to get an early release of some kind up there.  Hope that's OK with 
> you.  Don't let me forget that we need to put the version number in the 
> 'about' box.  I forgot this in the present release.
Can we call it a preview release ;-) Really I don't care what the
version number is, just let people know its not considered stable, so
that we do not run them off when they see some of the weird behavior we
have not addressed yet. We need to build up a set of users who are
willing to do the hard work of testing and feedback (I don't say 'hard'
lightly, it truly is a monotonous job). I had a good group of testers
for ReadingPlanner. I will try to recruit any PocketPC converts from
there. Lets just not put this up on any of the sites like Handango or
PocketGear until we have a version we all agree is stable.

-- David
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