[sword-devel] Firefox front-end

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Mon Dec 10 10:02:59 MST 2007

Daniel Blake <danblake at tcdr.com> writes:
> Reading your post reminded me of a
> discussion earlier this year.  I searched and found the thread I
> remembered.  It talks about individually implemented Sword protocols.
> GnomeSword - sword://
> "GS understands "sword://ModuleName/KeyIntoThatModule" where the key
> is obviously a verse reference for Bibles and commentaries, but just
> as easily is a treekey for genbooks and lexdicts."

GnomeSword does this for both sword:// and bible:// equivalently,
implemented by creating needed GConf keys in /desktop/gnome/url-handlers.

There has never been a standard defined for what should be done with
sword:// and bible://, which created a vacuum to be filled by individual
implementers, so we've each done something appropriate for our
respective environments.

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