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Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Wed Dec 5 08:35:47 MST 2007

Hi Daniel ..........

Thanks for your feedback and your encouragement.

Daniel Owens wrote:
> the way you have set up the sword home director is easier to deal with than the previous version, much more like BibleCS.
SwordReader ought now to allow everything by way of pathing and .confs 
thatBibleCS does.  The executable and .dll can go in any directory you 
want as long as it follows the same rules as any other Sword app.  Plus, 
of course it handles commentaries as well as bibles.  It still is able 
to use a directory off the sword directory called 'books' if  such a 
directory is there, but I don't mention that in the install.txt because 
I find it a bit bizarre and might take the feature out unless anyone 
wants to come up with a reason for leaving it in.
> I assume you know this, but on my device the footnote displays everything in the note, including OSIS tags.
I noticed that NET bible displays some tags, and I'm going to do 
something about that quite soon.  But give me an example of your 
experience so I can check that out too.  Which module are you looking at 
(and what note)? 
> There are two issues that remain from the previous version that I hope can receive attention at some point. First, when I run the program it doesn't appear on the screen. 
I'm aware of that one, but I'm very new to Windows Mobile, so I haven't 
yet worked out how to make it paint the screen when it ought.  If anyone 
has any ideas, please speak up .........  I'm working on it!
> The second issue is only cosmetic, namely that the icon for the application doesn't appear in the shortcut. 
Now that's odd!  I've got an icon on my shortcut.  Did you create the 
shortcut using the method I suggest? (File Explorer/Edit/Copy on the 
.exe and File Explorer/Edit/Paste Shortcut to make the shortcut?)  My OS 
is mobile 5.1.195 (although I doubt this feature would change much from 
version to version).

God bless,

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