[sword-devel] No, not new! Re: a MacSword review

ransom82 ransom1982 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 12:37:22 MST 2007

Is no one interested in SwordSharp?

I know nothing about the project, but there ought to be lots of .net
developers out there.

On 4/23/07, Jan Knepper <jan at knepper.net> wrote:
> DJ Ortley wrote:
> > So, what are people's opinions on:
> > -wxWidgets?
> Very familiar with it and am currently in the process of writing
> wxSword... www.wxsword.com. (nothing out there yet, but I've got the
> domain).
> I have been wanting to do this for years but was never able due to time
> constraints.
> However, currently I work 4 days of 10 hours and have Friday's off, part
> of which I have dedicated to develop wxSword. I have done some
> development the last 3-4 Friday's and have been able to get the
> following done:
> 1    An explorer-alike (tree on the left with book (Bibles),
> Bible-Books, Chapters, verses and verse text on the right
> 2    Multi Bible view a way to view 1 or more Bibles in parallel (next
> to each other).
> I use:
> -    sword library (of course!)
> -    wxWidgets www.wxwidgets.org (2.8.x)
> -    My own wrapper around wxWidgets to make life easier.
> -    My own other generic code to make life easier.
> At this moment I am *not* looking for other developers than can join me
> in this effort. However, I am *very* willing to make snapshots of
> wxSword.exe's ongoing development available via www.wxsword.com.
> At this moment I am looking for people interested in using the product
> and people that like to share their idea's with regards to how things
> should work and what they like, do not like, etc, etc, etc. Basically
> people that would like to help me "functionally design" wxSword.
> Because of the sword/wxWidgets base I should be able to build the code
> on platforms supported by sword and wxWidgets. I generally build in UNIX
> and Windows.
> God bless!
> Jan
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