[sword-devel] Questions about making module from usual book text

Сергей Кузнецов sergeyvk at ukr.net
Wed Oct 11 13:22:01 MST 2006

Dear friends!

I'm using FC5 and sword 1.5.8-7.fc5 and sword-devel 1.5.8-7.fc5 packages.

I want to put some of books of our church into library. They are usual text, but for scriptures references I can make macros for OOo. I have read the Module Making Guide, but I 
didn't find on my computer utility imp2gbs. From the web there are utilities only for windows. So far I found, that I have on my computer vpl2mod, and that's all, but with this I 
can be wrong. What can I use and how to get it?

Another point is that I looked inside the module practice, and apart of .conf file there are 3 files:
- practice.bdt
- practice.dat - binary
- practice.idx - binary

The first one is simple html file with tags p, h1, h2 ... and scripture references. Such simple file I can create very easy, and I don't need any utilities. But how can I make other 
two files, and do I need them, since they are very small, 1.7 kb and 100 b?

Another different question. I want to make modules from books. Now I have categories Books/[Language]/[Name of a book]. Is it possible to make another sub category for 
author, eg. Books/[Language]/[Author]/[Name of a book] or to solve this in any other way, that I had books from one author in one category.

Thank you for your work. Let God bless it!

Serhiy Kuznyetsov,
Lviv, Ukraine

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