[sword-devel] ICU build fix

Steven P. Ulrick lists-sword at afolkey2.net
Sun Oct 8 05:05:54 MST 2006

On Sat, 7 Oct 2006 21:43:26 -0500
"Scott and Roxanne Munns" <srmunns at charter.net> wrote:

> Deji,
> For me and at least one other user (Steven P. Ulrick, according to the
> archives), builds failed if *ICU and tests* were enabled.

> I hope the additional detail helps,
> Scott

Hello, Everyone
Actually, that is EXACTLY what happened.  Look at it like this:
Compile Sword 1.5.9 with icu support enabled --> Sword wouldn't build
Compile Sword 1.5.9 with icu support disabled --> Sword built perfectly

Have to go out and get pancake syrup for breakfast, gotta go :)

Steven P. Ulrick

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