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Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Fri Nov 17 14:50:29 MST 2006

This might be useful, from swdisprtfchap.cpp in BibleCS:

Just before iterating the module for display of a single chapter:

      VerseKey *key = (VerseKey *)(SWKey *)Module;
      testmt = key->Testament();
      book   = key->Book();
      chap   = key->Chapter();
      verse  = key->Verse();
      if (chap == 1) {
           if (book == 1) {
                if (testmt == 1) key->Testament(0);
      while (((!key->Book())||(key->Book() == book)) && 
((!key->Chapter())||(key->Chapter() == chap)) && (Module.Error() == 0)) {

Daniel Glassey wrote:
> On 11/11/06, Terry Biggs <terry470 at alltel.net> wrote:
>> On Sat, 2006-11-11 at 10:27 -0500, Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
>>> Thanx to Brian Dumont for sending me his copy of still-valid *.png for
>>> the documentation area.
>>> After looking them over, I realized they were for a much older release
>>> of the Gnome interface, so I regenerated a new set which I have just
>>> put into svn, along with a number of textual fixes to *.xml for better
>>> description of modules, mention of the parallel view separate window,
>>> some explanation of The Sword Project as a whole, and details on the
>>> viewer pane use regarding anchoring footnote text.
>>> "svn up" if you build from SVN.
>>> BTW, I noticed in §3.6.2 on commentaries that there is a claim for
>>> there being a "File->Navigate->Chapter Heading" doodad for finding
>>> "chapter 0" kinds of extra information.  If that existed, it would
>>> mostly answer bug #1521926, which I submitted months ago.  But such a
>>> knob to twist doesn't exist.  Can anyone tell me why this is there?
>>> Was a good feature lost somewhere along the way?
>> Some change in Sword broke the way we did it and I have not been able to
>> get it to work since. The ability is still in Sword.
> I think a change I made for 1.5.9 last year might have done that when
> I was trying to get it working in BibleTime.
> Is it possible to get at chapter headings with BibleCS and BibleTime
> (and macsword and bible desktop and ...)?
> If so, how is it done so that it can be fixed in GnomeSword (and if it
> isn't what can we do in the sword engine to get it right for
> everyone)?
> Regards,
> Daniel
> (who is getting back to development etc slowly so don't expect any
> responses from me particularly fast)
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