[sword-devel] book/chapter headings (Re: doc images replaced)

Karl Kleinpaste karl at charcoal.com
Fri Nov 17 11:19:27 MST 2006

"Daniel Glassey" <dglassey at gmail.com> writes:
> Is it possible to get at chapter headings with BibleCS and BibleTime
> (and macsword and bible desktop and ...)?


    diatheke -b PickYourFavoriteCommentaryModule -k gen0:0

...is perfectly reasonable to do from the command line, and gives
proper results for those modules which have such content, so Sword
itself is OK with it.

> If so, how is it done so that it can be fixed in GnomeSword (and if
> it isn't what can we do in the sword engine to get it right for
> everyone)?

I updated the referenced GS bug #1521926 to add a question as to
whether it would be reasonable in the GS environment merely to
momentarily set chapter:verse to 0:0 (book heading) or N:0 (chapter
heading) long enough to re-run just the commentary display routine,
then reset it back to the previously held curChapter & curVerse.

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