[sword-devel] [Gnomesword-developers] doc images replaced

Daniel Glassey dglassey at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 10:32:00 MST 2006

On 11/11/06, Terry Biggs <terry470 at alltel.net> wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-11-11 at 10:27 -0500, Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> > Thanx to Brian Dumont for sending me his copy of still-valid *.png for
> > the documentation area.
> >
> > After looking them over, I realized they were for a much older release
> > of the Gnome interface, so I regenerated a new set which I have just
> > put into svn, along with a number of textual fixes to *.xml for better
> > description of modules, mention of the parallel view separate window,
> > some explanation of The Sword Project as a whole, and details on the
> > viewer pane use regarding anchoring footnote text.
> >
> > "svn up" if you build from SVN.
> >
> > BTW, I noticed in §3.6.2 on commentaries that there is a claim for
> > there being a "File->Navigate->Chapter Heading" doodad for finding
> > "chapter 0" kinds of extra information.  If that existed, it would
> > mostly answer bug #1521926, which I submitted months ago.  But such a
> > knob to twist doesn't exist.  Can anyone tell me why this is there?
> > Was a good feature lost somewhere along the way?
> Some change in Sword broke the way we did it and I have not been able to
> get it to work since. The ability is still in Sword.

I think a change I made for 1.5.9 last year might have done that when
I was trying to get it working in BibleTime.

Is it possible to get at chapter headings with BibleCS and BibleTime
(and macsword and bible desktop and ...)?

If so, how is it done so that it can be fixed in GnomeSword (and if it
isn't what can we do in the sword engine to get it right for


(who is getting back to development etc slowly so don't expect any
responses from me particularly fast)

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