[sword-devel] API Information

Richard Parsons richard.parsons at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 12:43:32 MST 2006

Hey guys, I'm still trying to learn the SwordAPI but I'm having some
difficultly considering there is almost no formal documentation.  I
would really like to release a .NET application within the next 3
months but I need some help with learning the API.  Jason has been
very very helpful but he's a busy guy.  I'm looking to move forward
quicker than I currently am so I'm asking for help from anyone who
knows the API and has some time to answer questions.  Should I post
questions straight to the mailing list or would everyone prefer I send
emails directly to those who are willing to help me?

I look forward to giving a .NET sword project to the community and
hopefully by the time I'm done I can be of some assistance on the
SwordAPI to help maintain and document it :)

Troy, Jason told me I need to contact you about some licensing
concerns I'm having with a 3rd party control.  Can you shoot me an
email so we can discuss this?

-Richard Parsons
Richard.Parsons (at) gmail.com

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