[sword-devel] modules to relational database

Matt Reimer mattjreimer at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 17:21:37 MST 2006

On 11/6/06, Greg Hellings <greg.hellings at gmail.com> wrote:
> On a branching note, thinking about quick & dirty hacks for this type
> of tool, what is the current state/lack of state for the Sword
> library's python binding?  I thought I remembered hearing someone
> speaking about it in the past, but I don't recall hearing much about
> it.  It would seem an ideal way to achieve a decent RAD language for
> fast & simple hack-ups like this SQL importer.
> Add to that the possibilities of XP development for various types of
> front-end, etc, etc...

The current sword bindings work reasonably well with python. Some
functions are clumsy, but it's good enough.


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