[sword-devel] modules to relational database

lumin8 lumi.n8 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 08:34:25 MST 2006

> I'll leave the question alone as to the value of a relational database
> for this data over using the SWORD API.

Actually, I am interested in this question if you have time / desire to
enlighten me.  I think I can manage the chunk of code you gave me (thanks),
but I have never compiled a program in my life.  I have been building web
applications for about 7 years with PHP, and now Ruby for the last year and
a half.

I am willing to learn the Sword API if I need to, but I can build web
applications very quickly with Ruby on Rails.   The rest of my data (user
info, notes, user generated translations, a wiki like interface for
commentary) will all be in a relational database.  Would there be speed
benefits from using the Sword API over the indexing provided by mysql or
postgre?  What about application development time?  In the Rails framework,
I hardly even have to write SQL, if I used the Sword API I would have to
learn a bit about c++ and bindings to Ruby...  I am willing, but what is the

By the way, I have tried and use many of the Sword front ends and highly
respect the work you all are doing.
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