[sword-devel] wxSword Client

Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Fri May 5 12:34:42 MST 2006

Hi Greg ..........

Greg Hellings wrote:
> None of those look like they are wxWidgets related, but from the 
> Sourceforge gnuwin32-users list I get the advice to link in the 
> libole32 library
Got it!  Clean compile link and - it works.  It was down to my 
misunderstanding of what the wx-config script is supposed to do.  I 
finished up running wx-config from the msys command line and pasting the 
results into DEV-C++ as it works better that way.  Anyhow, I now have a 
standalone native Windows .exe file made under mingw (msys).  Thanks.  
I'll maybe try it under Linux next.  If anyone wants my DEV-C++ .dev 
file, I can send it.

God bless,


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