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Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Thu May 4 08:09:36 MST 2006


On 5/4/06, Barry Drake <b.drake at ntlworld.com> wrote:
> Hi Greg ...........
> Greg Hellings wrote:
> > Currently it is linked to  the sword-1.5.7a library.  I figured that
> > sword could be built without the ftp/curl stuff, but I didn't feel
> > like mucking around in the Makefile when I got around to building the
> > sword library.
> Right .........  well, I installed WXWidgets-2.6.3 with no problem at
> all.  I'm working with mingw (msys).  I just did ./configure with all
> the options the read-me suggests (static with debug etc.) and then make,
> and the whole thing worked straight out of the box.  I got WXSword to
> compile OK (without the WXMozilla stuff) - but the linking went only so
> far.  It seems to link against the WX libraries and the Sword 1.5.8
> library that I already had on my box ...  but then I get a whole lot of
> unresolved references that I don't understand.  They begin with
> [Linker error] undefined reference to `CoCreateInstance at 20',   [Linker
> error] undefined reference to `IID_IPersistFile',   [Linker error]
> undefined reference to `InitCommonControls at 0'  ....  and so on ....
> I have no idea what these might represent so for now I've stalled ....
> any thoughts?

None of those look like they are wxWidgets related, but from the Sourceforge
gnuwin32-users list I get the advice to link in the libole32 library - I
would have thout that it was already linked in by wxWidgets, but try adding
-lole32 to the LDFLAGS in the Makefile explicitly.  I'm convinced that
linker errors are God's way of teaching us patience :)

Thanks for reporting this.


God bless,
> Barry
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