[sword-devel] ESV beta announcement

L.Allan-pbio paraclete at bibleinverse.org
Thu May 4 12:41:15 MST 2006

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>> Bug report MOD-36 (moderate to major?)
>> ESV "hover footnotes" are erratic. For example, in Mark 1, some
>> appear, and some don't.
> With the above comment, could you indicate which frontend you are
> using and if swordweb also shows the problems.

MOD-36 updated to indicate sword.exe 1.5.8 rc1.

I think I've tried SwordWeb, but it doesn't seem active. The link at:
that is labeled "Read the Bible" seems to be 404'ed

With some footnotes showing up, that seems to point to a module 
problem with mark-up?

>> MOD-37 (minor?)
>> The footnotes make it difficult to find the start of the verse.
> Is this a software presentation problem or a module markup problem?

Probably more presentation issue.

>> MOD-40 (not just ESV)
>> RMB "dictionary lookup" may be confusing if the lookup word isn't
>> available.
>> "sinners" shows STORK with SAOA in the bottom window.
> This definitely is not a module error :)  Can you move this to 
> BibleCS
> as a comment on a possible enhancement?

I don't know how to do this, other than creating a new jira issue (but 
I don't know how to delete the MOD-40 issue)

BTW, when you create a jira issue, you get a confirming email with an 
invalid link:
View the issue:

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