[sword-devel] ESV beta announcement

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Thu May 4 12:14:20 MST 2006

> Bug report MOD-36 (moderate to major?)
> ESV "hover footnotes" are erratic. For example, in Mark 1, some appear, 
> and some don't.

Hey Lynn.  Thank you for your reports.  Just a few comments for you and 
other who might possibly report issues:

With the above comment, could you indicate which frontend you are using 
and if swordweb also shows the problems.  The sword engine was updated 
to handle the ESV markup and it might just be that the software you are 
using to test is not up to date.  SWORDWEB uses a recent version of SVN. 
  If you find that it is the software, then the bug should be listed (if 
at all) under a different project in the bugtracker (for the software). 
  But if it is a confirmed problem in swordweb as well, then this is a 
good clue that it is indeed a module error.

> MOD-37 (minor?)
> The footnotes make it difficult to find the start of the verse.

Is this a software presentation problem or a module markup problem?

> MOD-40 (not just ESV)
> RMB "dictionary lookup" may be confusing if the lookup word isn't 
> available.
> "sinners" shows STORK with SAOA in the bottom window.

This definitely is not a module error :)  Can you move this to BibleCS 
as a comment on a possible enhancement?

Thanks again for reporting!  Your time is appreciated.


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