[sword-devel] Re: Re: Offer help (portuguese module?)

Sergio Queiroz srmq at srmq.org
Thu May 4 04:53:13 MST 2006

> Sérgio,
> I accept all you're saying. But we need to have access to the
> original source in order to correct our e-text. Luciano is right when
> he says there is missing text and misspellings that may result in
> erroneous interpretation. (I'm really concerned about this because
> I'm a bible student in a theological seminar.)
> About the name "Almeida Atualizada", it is indeed a name of a
> specific review of the Almeida's translation. So, using this name is
> confusing. I'd say, again, that we need to know the exact original
> source of this text to name it correctly and stop confusing people.

Hello Jonatas,

If we have a list of the missing text and misspellings, we could fix them
based on public domain Almeida's bibles available on the Internet.

We could start comparing with biblegateway and unbound bible to see if
they share the same problems, if not, we could correct the module based on
their text. If the problems are also there, and the public domain text of
this passages was lost, we can use the microfilm images of public domain
Almeida's that are available on the internet. On the site
http://faithofgod.org/Portuguese/1911/ there are the microfilmed images
from the portuguese "Almeida Revista e Corrigida", from 1911, undoubtedly
in the public domain.

But maybe Crosswire has been working in new versions for portuguese
modules, and in this case, it would be loosing time to try to correct the
old Almeida module.

It would be nice to hear from them what is the current status for
portuguese modules.


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