[sword-devel] Quick'n'dirty ESV module available!

Peter Clark mla at forrussia.org
Tue May 2 10:00:03 MST 2006

    I finally got around to converting the e-Sword ESV module last night; it 
took only max three hours, most of which were due to my complete ignorance as 
to how to create a module. If I had known it would have taken so little 
effort, I would have done it a long time ago. 
    However, this is a quick'n'dirty version: no paragraph breaks, no poetry 
formatting, nothing. It does have red letter text, since that was preserved 
when converting the e-Sword module to CSV.
    I had some problems compressing it (I kept getting a rather cryptic 
error--no offense, but the programs associated with the Sword Project seem to 
be full of cryptic and unhelpful messages like 'problem' (see vpl2mod) that 
require looking at the source code to figure out what's going on), so I 
decided that it wasn't worth my effort tracking down the problem. Thus, it's 
raw text. But, if anyone wants either the VPL file or a tar.bz2 of the module 
(it will require manual installation), let me know.

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