[sword-devel] Quick'n'dirty ESV module available!

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Tue May 2 08:34:14 MST 2006

That sounds interesting... is it legal and do you have a place to host it if
it is?

--Greg H

On 5/2/06, Peter Clark <mla at forrussia.org> wrote:
>     I finally got around to converting the e-Sword ESV module last night;
> it
> took only max three hours, most of which were due to my complete ignorance
> as
> to how to create a module. If I had known it would have taken so little
> effort, I would have done it a long time ago.
>     However, this is a quick'n'dirty version: no paragraph breaks, no
> poetry
> formatting, nothing. It does have red letter text, since that was
> preserved
> when converting the e-Sword module to CSV.
>     I had some problems compressing it (I kept getting a rather cryptic
> error--no offense, but the programs associated with the Sword Project seem
> to
> be full of cryptic and unhelpful messages like 'problem' (see vpl2mod)
> that
> require looking at the source code to figure out what's going on), so I
> decided that it wasn't worth my effort tracking down the problem. Thus,
> it's
> raw text. But, if anyone wants either the VPL file or a tar.bz2 of the
> module
> (it will require manual installation), let me know.
>     :Peter
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