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Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Fri May 5 21:35:29 MST 2006

Yes, I am quite familiar with Audacity.  I use it to do occasional
podcasts (I even used it for doing voice-overs of a TV show's intro
for a group project - it was amazingly simple) for my college and I
think that their work is excellent. I look eagerly forward to their
1.3 final release.

On 5/5/06, L.Allan-pbio <paraclete at bibleinverse.org> wrote:
> >>  integrating wxWidgets and Mozilla was quite cumbersome.
> For sure <g>
> FYI, there are some real experts on wxWidgets that participate in the
> Audacity open-source project. It is a sophisticated multi-track audio
> editor that uses the GPL license. They have developed some incredible
> custom widgets for wav forms, "track panels", and others.
> Not meaning to be OT, but as an indicator of their wxWidget
> proficiency, Audacity was recently noted to be a "Must have free
> download" by Shopper's Choice. (May 2006 for an obsolete version  ...
> the latest 1.3 beta is very much improved over the award-winner.). I
> believe another mainstream magazine made a similar award earlier this
> year (PC Magazine?, PC World?). I believe it was also the SourceForge
> POM (project of the month) not too long ago.

It was also noted in Computer Shopper (maybe the mag you're thinking
of?) and there was nothing but glowing praise for it.  Again, another
testimony to their superior work.

> My point is that Audacity participants might be willing to help. I
> found them to be a tremendous resource (and very patient with this
> audio and wxWidget newbie).

I will keep that in mind, but fortunately the work of integrating
Mozilla with wxWidgets has mostly been accomplished by a few fine
gentlemen (their work can be found at http://wxmozilla.sourceforge.net
) - the problem for me has always been the process of building
Mozilla/Firefox itself on a Windows box.  The building process allows
but does not encourage MinGW builds.  They don't officially seem to
support the build, thus using their Gecko for other open-source
products becomes difficult.  But, thanks to Jason Turner I have
managed to, maybe, compile against a version of mozilla that he has
provided on the wxMozilla website.  Thanks for the pointers, though!


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