[sword-devel] NET bible tester modules

Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Sat Mar 25 10:52:50 MST 2006

Hi Martin ...........

Thanks for your encouragement.

Martin Gruner wrote:
> You don't want to host the (locked) files at the main crosswire repo? If you 
> have you own repo at bible.org, we might add this to the list of default 
> repos ("libraries") in BibleTime, so that users will have immediate access to 
> it. I'd prefer the crosswire-hosted solution though.
I'd have preferred that - but NET is maybe a bit different from other 
bibles.  The NET bible is a work in progress, and will be updated and 
re-released at fairly frequent intervals.  There is an on-going database 
which is continually being updated as the translation team continues its 
thoughts and its work. From time to time, a version is created from this 
at a point in time and released.  It is important that bible.org can 
make simultaneous release on the same date for all the bible software 
that handles NET.  I did offer to negotiate with Troy for upload 
permissions to crosswire for me to to be the NET maintainer for Sword, 
but the team expressed strong preferences to keep everything on the 
bible.org site, so I have set up the appropriate structure there for them.

I think David Austin, the permissions manager had correspondence with 
both Troy and Chris L off list before that decision was made.

ftp.bible.org/sword is where the modules are being kept.  The tester 
modules are there already, and they are about to be updated to version 
0.3.3 (I mistakenly said 0.9.3 in my previous message).
> There is currently no possibility to enter the key during download, but it can 
> be done thereafter (click on the module and select "unlock work").
That's fine - it would be good to have detailed instructions for the 
BibleTime user up on the NET website when we do the release if someone 
would care to write something for me.  I haven't used Linux for a while 
- last time I used BibleTime it had no install manager.

God bless,


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