[sword-devel] NET bible tester modules

Martin Gruner mg.pub at gmx.net
Sat Mar 25 08:12:42 MST 2006


I'm excited about the upcoming Net Bible release for Sword!

> 2) BibleTime:  This functions extremely well with NET only, and displays
> in a very helpful way.  BibleTime users will be encouraged to take NET,
> (or NETfree) as the only required module.  BibleTime uses install
> manager, and we require a Bibletime user to write some simple
> instructions for configuring it to use the bible.org ftp site and for
> installing.  The key will be purchased and will be configured during the
> install manager session.

You don't want to host the (locked) files at the main crosswire repo? If you 
have you own repo at bible.org, we might add this to the list of default 
repos ("libraries") in BibleTime, so that users will have immediate access to 
it. I'd prefer the crosswire-hosted solution though.

There is currently no possibility to enter the key during download, but it can 
be done thereafter (click on the module and select "unlock work").

God bless, and all the best for your efforts,


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