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Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Fri Mar 24 11:19:52 MST 2006

Hi there ........

We expect to have release candidate 0.9.3 out very soon, and it seems 
very probable that this version will be approved and will form release 
version 1.0.  The following is what we expect to happen when we 
release.  I look forward to any comments/suggestions.

1)  MACSword:  The needs of MACSword are a little different from the 
other front ends.  MACSword displays the notes in line when these are 
turned on, and not as a popup or separate window as in the other 
frontends.  This makes use of the NET module difficult.  For this 
reason, MAC users will be encouraged to install NETtext, which has 
reference numbers only for all footnotes, and to install NETnotes (or 
NETnotesfree) as a commentary to be used in conjunction with NETtext.  
The zip files for these will be available from the ftp site, and the key 
for NET will need to be edited manually into the conf file.

2) BibleTime:  This functions extremely well with NET only, and displays 
in a very helpful way.  BibleTime users will be encouraged to take NET, 
(or NETfree) as the only required module.  BibleTime uses install 
manager, and we require a Bibletime user to write some simple 
instructions for configuring it to use the bible.org ftp site and for 
installing.  The key will be purchased and will be configured during the 
install manager session.

3) GnomeSword:  Currently we have very little feedback about 
GnomeSword.  I assume that the raw zip files will be used, and the key 
edited manually into the confs.  GnomeSword users have the technical 
knowledge to carry out installation as GnomeSword is currently not 
available as binaries, and therefore they will have compiled and 
installed everything manually so far.  Am I correct in this?  I have 
never used GnomeSword myself.  We also need to know from GnomeSword 
users what module or modules we should advise for installation.

4) Java BibleDesktop:  NET (and NETfree) works perfectly in this 
frontend, and is displayed extremely well.  It can currently be 
installed manually, and I am working with DM Smith in getting an http 
feed configured to work properly with BibleDesktop's own install 
manager.  Hopefully, NET will be able to be installed using the install 
manager by the time we make release of version 1.0.  I will write 
installation instructions for this when the work is complete.

5) BibleCS for Windows:  This displays NET well - but with some slight 
shortcomings.  Some of the notes are too long for the maximum popup size 
currently available.  These notes are truncated.  Also, whilst the Greek 
in NT notes is properly handled if the font is set to Tahoma or some 
other suitable Unicode font, the Hebrew is omitted completely.  Thus, 
most of the notes display properly and are very user friendly, the rest 
need help.  Our current thinking is that the user should install NET (or 
NETfree) and also NETnotes, (or NETnotesfree) and use the notes 
alongside the NET bible with footnotes when the notes are not handled 
properly in NET.  For this reason, it is intended that the key will be 
the same for both NET and NETnotes in the release version.  I know this 
is a kludge, but I find it the best compromise  for the present version 
of BibleCS.  BibleCS is now properly supported for installation using 
install manager from the Bible.org ftp site, and I will re-write the 
instructions that are on the forum so that these can be incorporated in 
the download site. 

In addition, we intend to add reference markup in version 1.1 which is 
expected to be in the next major release after version 1.0.  As far as I 
am aware, BibleCS will not be able to make use of this in the NET 
version, but will handle it very nicely as popups in NETnotes.

BibleTime and BibleDesktop will almost certainly handle this feature 
properly.  I think this will be a useful feature, but it currently needs 
a lot of work as the notes in the database include references in several 
very different formats.

God bless,

-- From Barry Drake (The Revd) minister of the Netherfield United Reformed church, Nottingham see http://www.jesusinnetherfield.org.uk for our church homepages).

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