[sword-devel] Update on KJV2006

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 14 13:35:42 MST 2006

Thanks so much for taking a look at it!

Joachim Ansorg wrote:
> Hi,
>> This beta features the merging of the definite article as an empty tag
>> into the w element it refers. So the w tag may have two or more values
>> in src, lemma and morph attributes.
> I tested the new module in BibleTime 1.6pre.
> The KJV renders almost fine. ¶-chars get rendered as  ¶"/> ". The sword lib 
> has a bug handling html entities in attributes, so this probably also affects 
> other frontends. 

While the bug should be fixed, I can change the entity to a UTF-8 
character. The paragraph markers will be moved to the start of the 
following verse in the next beta.

> BibleTime seems to have some problems with the changed strongs and morph 
> markup, but if it's valid markup we'll fix that in BibleTime.
There are two changes:
First, x- for the prefix on a strongs or morph is invalid OSIS. So these 
have been changed.
Second, it is valid to have more than 1 strongs or morph markup per <w> 
element. This does exist today in the KJV Gen 1.1 for the word create. 
However, today, the markup is invalid OSIS and uses | to separate them. 
The standard has whitespace separating them.

Also, it is correct for <w> to not surround any word. These would 
represent words in the original Greek that are not directly translated. 
Of course, it could also be that the Greek should be attached to a word 
but by mistake is not.
> I hope to be able to test the new module more detailed in a few days.
> Thanks for all the work to improve the module. That's awesome.
> Thanks,
> Joachim

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