[sword-devel] Update on KJV2006

Joachim Ansorg nospam+sword-devel at joachim-ansorg.de
Tue Mar 14 12:55:37 MST 2006

> This beta features the merging of the definite article as an empty tag
> into the w element it refers. So the w tag may have two or more values
> in src, lemma and morph attributes.

I tested the new module in BibleTime 1.6pre.
The KJV renders almost fine. ¶-chars get rendered as  ¶"/> ". The sword lib 
has a bug handling html entities in attributes, so this probably also affects 
other frontends. 
BibleTime seems to have some problems with the changed strongs and morph 
markup, but if it's valid markup we'll fix that in BibleTime.

I hope to be able to test the new module more detailed in a few days.

Thanks for all the work to improve the module. That's awesome.

<>< Re: deemed

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