[sword-devel] Update on KJV2006

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 12 08:11:32 MST 2006

I have made a beta module for kjv2006.
You can read about it and obtain it at www.crosswire.org/~dmsmith/kjv2006
At the bottom of the page is a downloads section with the raw xml, a 
rawtext module and a ztext module.

These 2 modules will not overwrite your current kjv as they are called 
kjvraw and kjv2006, respectively.
This way you can compare with the current KJV module.
Some places to look at specifically, Mark 1, Luke 14, 15.

(BTW, when released the module won't be called KJV2006, this is just a 
project name)

This beta features the merging of the definite article as an empty tag 
into the w element it refers. So the w tag may have two or more values 
in src, lemma and morph attributes.

Before we can release this we need to make sure it works in each of the 
SWORD applications:
    SWORD for Windows
    and others

Next steps:
    Fix typos. Especially the missing 's in the OT.
    Reposition the ¶ at the beginning of the verse, so that if it is 
shown it will appear in the correct location.
I would appreciate feedback.

Known problem:
    In the module, the last verse of each book contains </chapter></div> 
when it should not. This is a problem with osis2mod.

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