[sword-devel] XML versions of Thayer's or Strongs?

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 12 20:07:48 MST 2006

Only a partial answer.

Sean wrote:
> First off, i'm most interested as to why Thayers is no longer 
> available, which i didn't realize (i downloaded mine a while ago). Was 
> it determined that it's not actually in the public domain? If that's 
> so, then i can't re-use it either for sharing purposes. But it is 
> available through e-Sword: so i'm a bit puzzled. Can anyone enlighten 
> me to the freedom of this module?
> Most of my other comments were noting problems with the original, in 
> the hopes of providing helpful feedback to maintainers (moot i suppose 
> if it's no longer available, though i'd be happy to fix the version i 
> have and re-submit it).
> The one point about character encodings: it's not that the Greek 
> output _looks_ like ????, they are literally all 0X3f characters 
> (Emacs doesn't lie). So something is mangling the Greek (which on 
> closer inspection does appear to be originally UTF-8) by the time it's 
> output .It displays correctly inside the Windows Sword Project 
> interface. You said     "If the encoding is UTF-8, then the conf needs 
> to state that."
> By this, do you mean one of the .conf files that are part of Sword for 
> Windows itself? I don't see anything in userprefs.conf, layout.conf, 
> or options.conf that seems relevant, and there weren't any .conf files 
> with the API examples.
The confs are found in a directory named mods.d which generally is in a 
directory also containing a directory modules. The modules directory 
contains the content of the modules.

The same technique that I stated for strongs can be used for other 
dictionaries. See a working example of how to dump the module as osis xml.

Since the module contains ThML that is not well formed and has bare &, 
these would need to be fixed first.

> Thanks again for your help,
> Sean
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