[sword-devel] XML versions of Thayer's or Strongs?

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Mar 12 20:56:56 MST 2006

Sean wrote:
> First off, i'm most interested as to why Thayers is no longer available, 
> which i didn't realize (i downloaded mine a while ago). Was it 
> determined that it's not actually in the public domain? If that's so, 
> then i can't re-use it either for sharing purposes. But it is available 
> through e-Sword: so i'm a bit puzzled. Can anyone enlighten me to the 
> freedom of this module?

We determined that the module named "Thayer" corresponded to the Online 
Bible module named "OLBGRK". (And likewise that "BDB" corresponded to 

The problem here is that 1) the modules were not really Thayer or BDB. 
They did incorporate, I believe, to some extent, definitions from their 
respective source lexicons. However, we also know that parts of these 
modules are NOT from these lexicons. On the one hand, this means that 
they are not really the Thayer/BDB texts, so we don't want to distribute 
them (at least not under those names). And on the other hand, it also 
means that they are not public domain texts as we thought they were. 
Hence, we pulled them from the site a while ago.


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