[sword-devel] XML versions of Thayer's or Strongs?

Sean sean at semanticbible.com
Sun Mar 12 14:59:21 MST 2006

First off, i'm most interested as to why Thayers is no longer available, which i didn't realize (i downloaded mine a while ago). Was it determined that it's not actually in the public domain? If that's so, then i can't re-use it either for sharing purposes. But it is available through e-Sword: so i'm a bit puzzled. Can anyone enlighten me to the freedom of this module? 

Most of my other comments were noting problems with the original, in the hopes of providing helpful feedback to maintainers (moot i suppose if it's no longer available, though i'd be happy to fix the version i have and re-submit it). 

The one point about character encodings: it's not that the Greek output _looks_ like ????, they are literally all 0X3f characters (Emacs doesn't lie). So something is mangling the Greek (which on closer inspection does appear to be originally UTF-8) by the time it's output . It displays correctly inside the Windows Sword Project interface. You said 
	"If the encoding is UTF-8, then the conf needs to state that."
By this, do you mean one of the .conf files that are part of Sword for Windows itself? I don't see anything in userprefs.conf, layout.conf, or options.conf that seems relevant, and there weren't any .conf files with the API examples. 

Thanks again for your help,

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