[sword-devel] KJV markup

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 8 05:40:45 MST 2006

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> splitID was allowed in some previous version of OSIS before we added 
> sID/eID, if I remember correctly-- if not still valid.  It was 
> intended to say that these tags are all one segment/element of 
> something, but not contiguous.

I have the 1.1, 1.1.1, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.1 schemas.
Was in the 1.1 and 1.1.1 versions. It was removed from 1.5 and has not 
been re-introduced.

It was a global attribute.

> The splitID attributes in the KJV2003 text are direct artifacts of a 
> [split] button on the tagging tool.  This is needed (and cool) in 
> cases like: παρηκολουθηκοτι ακριβως
> This participle (παρηκολουθηκοτι) means:
> one having had understanding
> it is followed by the modifier ακριβως, which means
> diligent/complete
> Thus a basic translation is:
> one having had complete understanding

The example of splitting is in the manual by using osisIDs on a verse 
tag, where a verse is split into two parts.
Perhaps osisID should be used here as well.
<w osisID="tr:1!a" ...>one having had</w><w ...>complete</w><w 
osisID="tr:1!b"... >understanding</w>
The workID should be the module from which the words came. It can be 
defaulted with workPrefix so that it does not need to show up here:
<w osisID="1!a" ...>one having had</w><w ...>complete</w><w 
osisID="1!b"... >understanding</w>
(I'd have to look at the regex to see if osisIDs can begin with a number.)

> You can see how this is way cooler than the historical strongs tag 
> somewhere near the end of the english translation by browsing to:
> http://crosswire.org/study/parallelstudy.jsp?add=TR&add=KJV&key=lk.1.1
> In verse 3, click on the 3rd Greek word (παρηκολουθηκοτι).  Click 
> again on the word to hide the definition box.  Notice how the exact 
> English segments are highlighted for this Greek word.
> Please preserve these attributed if they are still valid osis.  If 
> not, maybe we can ask what happened to this concept on the osis forum.

To preserve it, I have split it into type and subType. I can use some 
other mechanism as well. These can be put back together in a lossless 
fashion. I can also do this just prior to creating the module. So that 
existing code can continue to work as is.

> DM Smith wrote:
>> Chris or Troy,
>> I am working on making the KJV2006 be valid OSIS 2.1. And I have a 
>> question:
>> In the KJV2003 some words in the nt are marked up as with: (e.g. 
>> Matt.1.17)
>> <w src="26" ..... splitID="28">the</w>
>> This is not valid OSIS, as splitID is not defined for a <w> element.
>> My question is what do I do with splitID?
>> Is it something that needs to be retained? If so how?
>> For the time being, I am changing it to:
>> type="x-split" subType="x-DDD" (where DDD is the value of the splitID 
>> attribute)

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