[sword-devel] KJV markup

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Wed Mar 8 14:05:06 MST 2006

	Don't worry about preserving them.  I've realized they are redundant 
and can be reproduced using the src attributes.  In fact, I believe the 
web software keys off the src attribute and not the splitID anyway.  I'd 
still like to know what happened to the concept.  I might bring it up 
with the osis guys and see what they were thinking.

> <w osisID="tr:1!a" ...>one having had</w><w ...>complete</w><w 
> osisID="tr:1!b"... >understanding</w>

I'm not understanding your suggestion here, but my lack of understanding 
is moot if we don't preserve.  For future reference, something like 
osisID="tr:1!a" basically means, "in the reference scheme we've declared 
in the "tr" workID in our header, find "1", then, in our specific 
document referenced by the <identifier type="OSIS"> pointer in our 
header, jump the the "1" osisID and look for a custom "1!a" sub division 

A better example is something like:
<reference osisID="myTrans:Jn.1.1!b">John 1:1b</reference>

Only the part before the ! is considered part of the declared reference 
system.  After the ! is considered custom.

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