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Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Wed Mar 8 00:39:58 MST 2006

splitID was allowed in some previous version of OSIS before we added 
sID/eID, if I remember correctly-- if not still valid.  It was intended 
to say that these tags are all one segment/element of something, but not 

The splitID attributes in the KJV2003 text are direct artifacts of a 
[split] button on the tagging tool.  This is needed (and cool) in cases 
like: παρηκολουθηκοτι ακριβως

This participle (παρηκολουθηκοτι) means:
one having had understanding

it is followed by the modifier ακριβως, which means

Thus a basic translation is:

one having had complete understanding

You can see how this is way cooler than the historical strongs tag 
somewhere near the end of the english translation by browsing to:

In verse 3, click on the 3rd Greek word (παρηκολουθηκοτι).  Click again 
on the word to hide the definition box.  Notice how the exact English 
segments are highlighted for this Greek word.

Please preserve these attributed if they are still valid osis.  If not, 
maybe we can ask what happened to this concept on the osis forum.


DM Smith wrote:
> Chris or Troy,
> I am working on making the KJV2006 be valid OSIS 2.1. And I have a 
> question:
> In the KJV2003 some words in the nt are marked up as with: (e.g. Matt.1.17)
> <w src="26" ..... splitID="28">the</w>
> This is not valid OSIS, as splitID is not defined for a <w> element.
> My question is what do I do with splitID?
> Is it something that needs to be retained? If so how?
> For the time being, I am changing it to:
> type="x-split" subType="x-DDD" (where DDD is the value of the splitID 
> attribute)
> In His Service,
>     DM
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