[sword-devel] tip about RTF/HTML control

L.Allan-pbio paraclete at bibleinverse.org
Fri Feb 10 17:51:13 MST 2006

From: Fabrizio Lanza
>  Hello,
can somebody give me a quick tip? Coz I have some difficulty with my biblic 
translation platform.
 I saw that Sword uses some sort of rich text control, to display formatted 
bible text. What is it? In which programming language?
 For my project I need a cross-platform widget, able to edit RTF or HTML. 
I'm really having a difficult time finding something reliable.
 I'm open in the choice of the programming language. Perl-Tk of wxperl would 
be the best, but I don't find a good widget.
 I was thinking to go .Net with Mono, but the Rich Text control in Windows 
Forms seems not complete. Is GTK an option?
 Java is not an option, coz I don't remember it and it's too slow for what I 
 Any input is appreciated. Thank you,

I suppose you are asking about The SWORD Project's gui application, which is 
BibleCS (also known as "The SWORD Project for Windows" and aka sword.exe). 
The sword-api (aka the sword engine) is a C++ library with no gui component. 
BibleCS uses the sword-api to access modules such as Bibles, commentaries, 
etc. and is a "front-end" to display them (along with searching and other 
functionality, but that is a quick summary).

These are my understandings:
* BibleCS was developed in Borland C++ Builder 5 (BCB-5),
* ongoing development can be done with BCB-6.
* BCB provides a wrapper around the Microsoft rtf rich edit

For the development I've one on a CrossWire front-end, I've been generally 
satisfied with rtf. However, one issue about choosing RTF is how concerned 
you are about compatability with Win9x and WinMe. They came with older 
versions of riched32.dll and riched20.dll, and my experience is that you 
spend quite a bit of time fussing with the differences. On Win2000 and 
WinXp, I found the rich-edit control to be very capable and more than 
acceptable to work with. The headache was Win9x support.

My 2¢ worth.

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