[sword-devel] tip about RTF/HTML control

Fabrizio Lanza aquilarubra at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 01:19:34 MST 2006

can somebody give me a quick tip? Coz I have some difficulty with my biblic
translation platform.
 I saw that Sword uses some sort of rich text control, to display formatted
bible text. What is it? In which programming language?
 For my project I need a cross-platform widget, able to edit RTF or HTML.
I'm really having a difficult time finding something reliable.
 I'm open in the choice of the programming language. Perl-Tk of wxperl would
be the best, but I don't find a good widget.
 I was thinking to go .Net with Mono, but the Rich Text control in Windows
Forms seems not complete. Is GTK an option?
 Java is not an option, coz I don't remember it and it's too slow for what I
 Any input is appreciated. Thank you,

 Fabrizio Lanza
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