[sword-devel] tip about RTF/HTML control

Fabrizio Lanza aquilarubra at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 01:36:31 MST 2006

yes, I was referring to the  Sword gui front-end. But I saw that there are
installation files for Linux also. Thus I thought it was not using win32
specific components (riched32.dll, etc.). I did not have a chance to try
Sword under Linux. Do you perhaps know how the issue was solved there?

 Kindest regards,

 Fabrizio Lanza

2006/2/11, L.Allan-pbio <paraclete at bibleinverse.org>:
> I suppose you are asking about The SWORD Project's gui application, which
> is
> BibleCS (also known as "The SWORD Project for Windows" and aka sword.exe).
> The sword-api (aka the sword engine) is a C++ library with no gui
> component.
> BibleCS uses the sword-api to access modules such as Bibles, commentaries,
> etc. and is a "front-end" to display them (along with searching and other
> functionality, but that is a quick summary).
> These are my understandings:
> * BibleCS was developed in Borland C++ Builder 5 (BCB-5),
> * ongoing development can be done with BCB-6.
> * BCB provides a wrapper around the Microsoft rtf rich edit
> For the development I've one on a CrossWire front-end, I've been generally
> satisfied with rtf. However, one issue about choosing RTF is how concerned
> you are about compatability with Win9x and WinMe. They came with older
> versions of riched32.dll and riched20.dll, and my experience is that you
> spend quite a bit of time fussing with the differences. On Win2000 and
> WinXp, I found the rich-edit control to be very capable and more than
> acceptable to work with. The headache was Win9x support.
> My 2¢ worth.
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