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Josh Gould kc8eqa at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 14:02:25 MST 2006

I grabbed the e-Sword modules first, thinking they were part of this
project, and ended up downloading e-Sword to use it. Thus my initial
message about the NET Bible. Ironiclly I was introduced to this
translation by a Pastor at my church... I've already started to work
on the compatablity issues between Windows/Mac/Linux. The Modules that
Barry sent me work under Windows (As I suspected they would) but do
not under MacSword/GnomeSword. It's probably one of those little
quirks that we'll have to work out...

In His Service,
Josh Gould

On 2/9/06, David Austin <daustin at bible.org> wrote:
>  From: Josh Gould
> Subject: Re: [sword-devel] NET Bible
> Thanks DM. I saw that thread after I had posted the one that I did to
> the list. David, Barry, I'm willing to help where I can. I'll admit,
> I've only thought about what doing a project like this would entail.
> Josh
>  Josh, Thanks for your offer to help,  Barry and/or Moses will be in contact
> with you.. IF you would like to see what we have done with e-sword its
> available at the netbible tab
> http://www.bible.org/default.asp?scid=3 click the download
> link on the left navigation section. There u will find the various downloads
> and if u click the free e-sword one you will see what we did in the e-sword
> enviroment. (it will ask u to register for the site).  I am the bible.org
> product manager  and I hope that our sword developers come up with a
> superior product that shows off the capibility of sword well. I have not
> seen their finial proposal because they are still coming to grips with how
> best to do the displays and GUI's and what platforms to support in addition
> to windows. mac? linux? etc.
>   As a side issue for the group, I had hoped that Sword would have a better
> capability than it does to display non biblial texts as I would like to
> build a tool that can display Islamic and Buddhist scripture  the Quran and
> the hadiths in various languagers and a search tool that lets you search a
> topic and do a  comparission of what the Islamic or the Buddhist scriptures
> say about topic xyz. I think this would be very helpful to those in the
> field ministering within these people groups..  But i am told that I have to
> look elsewhere for the tool to do this or i have to write it from scratch.
>  David Austin (Permissions Director)
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Josh Gould

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