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David Austin daustin at bible.org
Thu Feb 9 13:40:16 MST 2006

>From: Josh Gould 
>Subject: Re: [sword-devel] NET Bible
>Thanks DM.  I saw that thread after I had posted the one that I did to
>the list.  David, Barry, I'm willing to help where I can.  I'll admit,
>I've only thought about what doing a project like this would entail.
Josh, Thanks for your offer to help,  Barry and/or Moses will be in 
contact with you.. IF you would like to see what we have done with 
e-sword its available at the netbible tab 
http://www.bible.org/default.asp?scid=3 click the download link on the 
left navigation section. There u will find the various downloads and if 
u click the free e-sword one you will see what we did in the e-sword 
enviroment. (it will ask u to register for the site).  I am the 
bible.org product manager  and I hope that our sword developers come up 
with a superior product that shows off the capibility of sword well. I 
have not seen their finial proposal because they are still coming to 
grips with how best to do the displays and GUI's and what platforms to 
support in addition to windows. mac? linux? etc.

 As a side issue for the group, I had hoped that Sword would have a 
better capability than it does to display non biblial texts as I would 
like to build a tool that can display Islamic and Buddhist scripture  
the Quran and the hadiths in various languagers and a search tool that 
lets you search a topic and do a  comparission of what the Islamic or 
the Buddhist scriptures say about topic xyz. I think this would be very 
helpful to those in the field ministering within these people groups..  
But i am told that I have to look elsewhere for the tool to do this or i 
have to write it from scratch.

David Austin (Permissions Director) 
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  where you can ask questions and get answers 
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