[sword-devel] Bible for Uganda

Geoffrey w Hastings geoffreyhastings at juno.com
Fri Feb 3 17:22:05 MST 2006

        I just returned from a mission to Uganda.
I would like to let every one know the SWORD came in very handy.
Part of our mission was to preach at a pastors conference.
I carried a copy of the SWORD on CD in case I wanted to tweak my sermons.
All 5 members of the team that had to preach including myself were able
to use it.
It would have been great to have had the Ugandan Bible in Lugandan in the
Sword as well.
After returning home I searched the internet for an available digital

I found a Lugandan Bible for the E-Sword to download.

It was made from the text at this site.

What would it take to get this into the SWORD Project?
I know the pastors over there would be very blessed to have it.

Geoff Hastings.

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