[sword-devel] Survey of Personal Commentary Support

Karl Kleinpaste karl at charcoal.com
Mon Dec 18 08:59:24 MST 2006


Does it support the Personal Commentary module?

How does one edit the Personal Commentary module?
     With Pers.Comm. as the current tab's commentary, right-click
     in it, and select Edit -> Note -> Personal.

Does the application support any other notion of module writing? If so
how does one use it?
     GnomeSword also has the StudyPad.  Invoked off the File menu.
     Similar appearance.  Preferences setting provides for changing
     where the StudyPad is saved.  Very similar appearance to Pers.Comm.

Does the application support any other notion of annotation? (sticky
note, verse annotation, ....) If so, how is it used?

Also, how well do they work.
     Pers.Comm. and StudyPad work just fine in GS.
     Includes image support.

The documentation has sections on both Pers.Comm. and StudyPad, though
they are admittedly a little thin on content at this time.  Invoke the
doc viewer from inside GS from tool bar with Help -> Contents.

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