[sword-devel] Survey of Personal Commentary Support

Joachim Ansorg nospam+sword-devel at joachim-ansorg.de
Tue Dec 26 03:34:02 MST 2006

Hi DM,
that's a good idea.

> I'd appreciate it if I could get some information on how each of the
> applications handles personal commentary. If this information is in an
> application's up-to-date, current documentation/help files, I'd be happy
> with pointer to it.
This comes from our help file:

Editing your own commentary
 To be able to store your own comments about parts of the Bible, you have 
install a certain work from the library of the Crosswire Bible Society. This 
work is called "Personal commentary".
 If you open the personal commentary by clicking on its symbol in the 
Bookshelf with a left mouse button, it opens in read mode. You will not be 
able to edit it in this mode. Should you wish to write annotations into the 
personal commentary, you have to open it with the right mouse button and then 
select Edit this work and then either Plain text(source code editor) or 
HTML(basic gui wysiwyg editor).

If Edit this work is deactivated, please check if you have write permission 
for the files of the personal commentary.

Drag&drop works here. Drop a verse reference and the text of the verse will be 

> Application Name:

> Does it support the Personal Commentary module?

> How does one edit the Personal Commentary module?
Right click on the module in the Bookshelf and then "Edit this work->HTML" 
or "Edit this work->Plain text"

> Does the application support any other notion of module writing? 

> Does the application support any other notion of annotation? (sticky
> note, verse annotation, ....) If so, how is it used?

No. Just bookmarks, but that doesn't count, I guess.

> For each of these ways, is the resultant "commentary" usable by another
> sword application?
> Also, how well do they work.

<>< Re: deemed

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